Double face in situ concrete barrier for bridges

Permanent Vehicle Restraint System for bridges

Parameters of behaviour according to UNE-EN 1317-2

Containment level:H1
Normalized work width level:0,6 m (W1
Maximum dynamic deflection:0 m
Impact serverity level:B
Normalized vehicle intrusion level1,8 m (VI5)

Initial type test

LaboratoriesType of impact test
CIDAUTTB42 – E19-1734

Type and characterization of materials:

ArmorB 500 SD
Resistance to snow removal:Class 4
Terrain type:On a layer of bituminous firm or concrete
Parts detached:They do not detach
Conditions of durability (materials and coatings):XF4 exposure class according to EN 206-1
Manufacturing Procedure:According to Installation Manual

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